Welcome to PDXTantra!!!


Portland’s Home to Connective Experiences!

Inspired by Tantra, PDXTantra is a studio/temple right in the heart of Portland, Oregon.  We hold connective playshops, weekend gatherings and parties!  Visit our calendar of events and choose one event to get started!  https://calendly.com/pdxtantra  Our aim is to provide experiences you cannot get anywhere else.  Deep, relaxing, authentic.

Outside vs. Inside.  Out there everyone is rushing around.  We are all suffering from some form of ADD.  Relationships suffer.  Our psychies suffer.  Inside things are intentionally slowed down.  Inside we have the time to observe and be observed.  Sound, visuals, silence all facilitate waves that we can surf on together.  Inside we are able to connect on a higher level.  Ultimately, this leads to a state of bliss.

Reaching this level of connection is not left up to chance.  Each event is choreographed and an atmosphere is created to facilitate a variety of connective energies.  Light, deep, fun, serious, focused, expansive.

Text us at 971 801-2560 if you wish.

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